Cold sores

Alleviating cold sores the natural way

90 percent of the population carry the orofacial herpes virus in them. The herpes virus becomes active in one out of every five persons affected when the immune system is weakened. But there is a natural product for this containing the active ingredient mineral silica gel. The gel acts through its extremely large capacity to bind wound secretions and toxins, drying out and healing the orofacial herpes blisters.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Reinhard E. Wodick (physician and physicist; formerly of the University of Ulm, Institute of Applied Physiology) confirms the natural mode of action: "I am impressed by the simple yet natural mode of operation of the pure mineral substance silica gel. Simply by its enormous binding capacity , silica gels binds toxins and wound secretions, so that the orofacial herpes blisters heal naturally in a short time, without any side effects ".

An unpleasant feeling of tension in the lips, a slight tingling, itching or burning indicate the outbreak of orofacial herpes. Very shortly after these very first symptoms, the unpleasant little blisters can form on the edges of the lips. The viruses in the secretion of the blister depend on a moist environment to multiply. They can be rendered harmless by desiccation. This is exactly where the silica gel enters the story – and entirely naturally. Simply due to the extraordinary binding capacity of the active ingredient silica gel, the blisters dry out rapidly, so that the herpes virus cannot spread any further. The gel also produces a pleasant cooling effect, alleviating itching, burning, and soreness in a completely natural way.

It wraps itself around the herpes blister on the outside and binds the infectious ichor like a sponge. What remains is a harmless, white coating on the surface.

The treacherous thing about the Herpes virus is, that it remains in the body after the initial infection. The virus moves around the ganglia of the facial nerve, takes root and slumbers there for a lifetime. It becomes active when the immune system is weakened. The trigger is completely different from person to person. Psychological factors, particularly stress or anger, usually play an important role. The activated virus migrates from the ganglion towards the lips and multiplies explosively.