Soothing complaints 


Naturally alleviate complaints

Food supplements or plant extracts are to be understood as a supplement and support to conventional medicine depending on the complaints. The beneficial properties of many plants and other natural means have been descended for generations - in many cases it can support the self-healing powers and has a particularly gentle effect.


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Tannenblut® Bronchial Syrup

Hübner Original Silicea® Gastro-Intestinal Gel

Hübner Original silicea® Cold Sore Gel

Hübner Original Silicea® Gastro-Intestinal Direct

Tannenblut® Kid

Tannenblut® Cold Balsam Mild N

Dry Eye Liposomal Eye Spray

Tannenblut® Organic Herbal Preparation


Conifer sprouts

The tender shoots of conifer sprouts have been used for centuries as a remedy for colds, coughs, common colds and hoarseness – and for good reason.




Hübner Kiefernsprosse Tannenblut

Product recommendation

Tannenblut® Bronchial Syrup

Traditional medicine for the cold season: expectorant bronchial syrup for oral intake with proven herbal preparation since 1922.

  • traditional product for throat, pharynx and bronchi
  • to counter irritations of the respiratory tract
  • supports the natural self-purification of the respiratory tract
  • free from alcohol, lactose, gluten and made in Germany
Hübner Tannenblut® Bronchial Sirup 250ml