Hübner Schwarzwald Unternehmensgeschichte

Company history

Origin Black Forest

How it all began

When the Parson Josef Hurst and the pharmacist Dr. Eduard Hiepe - from the idyllic village of Häg in the valley Wiesental in the southern Black Forest - began producing the original TANNENBLUT® in the early 1920s, it is unlikely that either of them realised that this would become the basis for today's HÜBNER SCHWARZWALD TANNENBLUT®.

Back then TANNENBLUT® was developed out of care and responsibility for the health of the textile workers in the Black Forest, who had to inhale unhealthy cotton dust each day during their work for the textile industry. This often led to bronchial illnesses, and so Eduard Hiepe and Josef Hurst sought to develop an affordable and easily absorbed remedy for the airways.

Parson Hurst found a medicinal plant recipe in a herbal book by his famous counterpart Parson Kneipp; his teachings were based on a holistic system of natural medicine. He developed this recipe with Dr. Eduard Hiepe and together they strengthened their pharmaceutical knowledge. They broadened the recipe to include special Black Forest medicinal herbs in order to create a high-quality natural medicine with real forest honey - "Parson Hurst's Tannenbalsam". Soon this product was doing more than just soothing the pains of the many inhabitants of the Wiesental parish from which Parson Hurst originated; after a short while, it had spread beyond the parish's "borders" - word of its healing power spread like wild fire.The birth hour of the ANTON HÜBNER company's original product had come!

Healthy herbs for healthy living

Company history

In 1936 the salesman Anton Hübner, together with his wife Klara, from Kirchhofen (today Ehrenkirchen), acquired the licence for the TANNENBLUT® natural remedy and, upon the death of Parson Hurst, continued production. The takeover saw production being relocated from its original site in Häg in the Wiesental on the edge of the southern Black Forest to Kirchhofen, where production remains to this day!

Anton Hübner's business acumen and the impressive effects of TANNENBLUT® gave ANTON HÜBNER and his eponymous company "ANTON HÜBNER GmbH & Co. KG" a good start. Thus in 1952, TANNENBLUT – which, for 25 years, was the only product manufactured by ANTON HÜBNER GmbH & Co. KG – was recognised as a quality product by the neuform health food stores!

Hübner Tannenblut<sup>®</sup> antik

In 1968 the company was acquired by pharmaceutical tradesman Wilhelm Oberle, who continued to run HÜBNER for a while, even after its sale to Wella AG. New products were not only introduced to the German market, but also the export market was opened up step by step. The export history began in the 1960s and can be seen in the following chapter: "HÜBNER Products, From Ehrenkirchen to all over the world".

In 1988 Wella AG took over ANTON HÜBNER GmbH & Co. KG. During this time, products such as Königin Öl Lotion Royal, Black Cumin Oil Capsules were introduced to the market.

In 1997 Deutsche Beteiligungs AG (DBAG) acquired the company and then sold it to Nordzucker AG in 2000.

Anton Hübner GmbH von Oben

Since 2011 Hübner belongs to the Dermapharm group. Today HÜBNER is a wholly-owned subsidiary of DERMAPHARM AG, a German public listed company working in the healthcare industry too, and is growing in both the German and international markets with its mixture of traditional and innovative products developments.

HÜBNER products are represented in about 40 countries worldwide.

Dermapharm Unternehmensgruppe

Hübner worldwide

From Ehrenkirchen to all over the world

HÜBNER maintains a long export history. As early as around 1960, the products were exported to the countries that are now part of the European Union. Initially, these included the TANNENBLUT® range, Hübner Iron VITAL®, Hübner Original silicea® gel, as well as a cross-section of the entire product portfolio. 

Today, HÜBNER serves a total of 40 international markets and has ambitious growth targets in the coming years. With its flagship Hübner Original silicea® gel, HÜBNER is the world market leader in the silica gel product category on the international market.

Hübner worldwide

In addition, numerous other HÜBNER products are to be found there. The long-standing business relationships not only testify to the high acceptance of the products in the various countries, but also to the reliability of Hübner and its distribution partners as well as the loyalty of their customers.


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