Vitality for best agers

Vitality for best agers

Those who want to remain active, fit and productive even at an advanced age may support their physical and mental health with a natural tonic. The food supplements for health-conscious seniors, for example, provide the body with important vitamins and support vitality.


14 products of Tonics for best agers

arthoro basis plus

arthoro rosehip

Vitamin K2 Drops

Hübner Gefäß Aktiv®

Evening Primrose Oil capsules 1,000 mg

Hübner milk thistle liver tonic

Evening Primrose Oil capsules 500 mg

arthoro basis

Vitamin D3 Capsules

Hawthorn Heart Circulation Tonic

Hübner milk thistle Dragées

Vitamin D3 Drops

Vitamin B12 sachets

arthoro arthro



Hawthorn fruit pulp offers long-term preventive, natural protection of the heart and is also suitable as an accompanying, gentle therapy for chronic heart diseases.



Hübner Weißdorn

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Heart circulation tonic

Traditional medicine from the pulp of hawthorn fruit to support cardiovascular function.

  • tried and tested herbal medicinal product
  • supports cardiovascular function
  • mild fruity taste
  • free from gluten, lactose and alcohol
  • vegan


Hübner Weißdorn 250ml