Bones and cartilage

Food supplement bones and cartilage

Staying fit and mobile in retirement is the goal of many people. For this to happen, the body needs specific nutrients that strengthen bones and cartilage. Hübner Vital food supplements cover increased nutrient requirements and may help to maintain the natural function of cartilage and bones.


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Our joints can spend a lifetime running smoothly. Exercise plays an important role in this, because, as a result, the articular cartilage can be adequately supplied with essential nutrients through the synovial fluid.



Hübner Arthrose

Product recommendation

arthoro basis

Combination of numerous vitamins and green-lipped mussel powder for a valuable dietary supplement to a health-conscious lifestyle.

  • to support the joint cartilage
  • important nutrients for bones and cartilage
  • green-lipped mussels from controlled aquacultures
  • practical capsule form
  • free from gluten, lactose and gelatine


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