Cold sore

 Cold sore

Cold sores - Quick help for cold sores

Infection with the herpes virus is one of the most common viral diseases in humans.


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Hübner Original silicea® Cold Sore Gel


Cold sores

An unpleasant feeling of tension in the lips, a slight tingling, itching or burning indicate the outbreak of orofacial herpes. Very shortly after these very first symptoms, the unpleasant little blisters can form on the edges of the lips.


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Hübner Original silicea® Cold Sore Gel

Quick help for cold sores: pure mineral silicon gel relieves symptoms such as burning and itching, dries out cold sores and limits the spread of the virus.

  • for external use
  • alleviates burning and itching sensation caused by cold sore
  • dries out herpes blisters
  • vegan
Hübner silicea® Lippenherpes-Gel