Beneficial Foods and beverages

Beneficial food and beverages

Food and beverages

Whether as a small reward for in-between or for the first scratching of your throat: soothing herbal and ginger candies are especially popular with colds, because they contain soothing ingredients and vitamins. Natural fruit drinks, which are used pure or as a base for healthy drinks, are also popular with large and small connoisseurs.


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Donath® ORGANIC unsweetend Pomegranate Whole Fruit

Donath® Sea Buckthorn Whole Fruit with Blossom Honey

Donath® ORGANIC Unsweetened Blueberry Whole Fruit

Donath® Sea Buckthorn Whole Fruit with Acerola

Organic Black Cumin Oil

Donath® Spicy Puch Fruit

Tannenblut® Filled Candies


Donath® ORGANIC Unsweetened Sea Buckthorn Whole Fruit

Ginger Candies

Donath® Unsweetened Mango Whole Fruit

Donath® ORGANIC Cranberry Whole Fruit

Aloe Vera Organic plant juice

Donath® ORGANIC Sea Buckthorn Whole Fruit with Cane Sugar

Silphion® blanc



Wholesome from the whole fruit!

By enjoying Donath’s whole fruit juice specialities, you are making a valuable contribution to a health-conscious diet.

In our whole fruit manufacturing process, we finely blend together all parts of the fruit suitable for consumption such as the pulp, the juice, seeds, pips and the peel of carefully selected fruits.


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Product recommendation

Silphion® blanc

For health and well-being: The natural and alcohol-free organic apéritif based on elderflower combines 16 delicious herbs with natural vitamin C from acerola.

  • wholesome aperitif
  • ingredients from controlled organic cultivation
  • for pure enjoyment, on ice or diluted with mineral water
  • vegan, free from gluten and lactose
  • without alcohol, preservatives and colorants


Hübner Silphion® blanc BIO