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Herbal products & vitamins for the common cold

During a cold or a common cold, the immune system works at full speed to successfully fight the infection. Plants and vitamins support the immune system and gently soothe typical cold symptoms such as coughs, sore throats and a blocked nose. Cough and cold preparations from Hübner Vital reliably help to naturally alleviate cold complaints in children and adults.


8 products of Colds

Tannenblut® Bronchial Syrup

Tannenblut® Kid

Tannenblut® Filled Candies

Hübner ImmunPRO® protect

Ginger Drops

Tannenblut® Cold Balsam Mild N

Tannenblut® Organic Herbal Preparation

Tannenblut® Bath


What helps against a cold?

In the cold season, cold viruses always gain the upper hand. They cause coughs, runny nose and sore throat, the typical signs of a cold. The infecton usually occurs via a droplet infection. This means that when a sick person coughs or sneezes viruses swirl wildly through the air and the people around him inhale the pathogens, or they come into contact with the secretion via hands, clothing and toys.

The air expelled during coughing travels at a speed of up to 900 kilometres per hour. Viruses and bacteria are ejected from the airway at the same time.



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Product recommendation

Tannenblut® Bronchial Syrup

Traditional medicine for the cold season: expectorant bronchial syrup for oral intake with proven herbal preparation since 1922.

  • traditional product for throat, pharynx and bronchi
  • to counter irritations of the respiratory tract
  • supports the natural self-cleansing of the respiratory organs
  • free from alcohol, lactose, gluten and made in Germany
Hübner Tannenblut® Bronchial Sirup 250ml