Liver and gall bladder

Liver and gall bladder

Support liver and bile

Food supplements and food support the liver in its main function, the detoxification of the body. There are also natural remedies for the bile that support the organ in its work. Valuable plant extracts promote these bodily functions and relieve the natural metabolism.


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Curcuma Drops

Hübner milk thistle liver tonic

Hübner milk thistle Dragées


Milk thistle

The milk thistle, a herbaceous plant coming from the Middle East and the Mediterranean region, supports the healthy functioning of the liver and gallbladder.



Hübner Mariendistel

Product recommendation

Hübner milk thistle liver tonic

Milk thistle fruits contain the natural active ingredient silymarin, which contributes to active support of metabolism and regenerative capacity of the liver.

  • high-dose, traditional medicine
  • strengthens the digestive function of the liver
  • for a functioning fat metabolism
  • supports during detoxification
  • vegan, free from gluten, lactose and alcohol
Hübner Mariendistel L-Tonikum 250ml