Hübner milk thistle liver tonic

Hübner milk thistle liver tonic

  • stimulates the digestive functions • Suitabe for: vegan
  • supports the function of liver and gall
  • also available in dragée
  • traditional medicine
  • Free from: gluten • lactose
Product features

The liver

is the number one organ responsible for detoxification in the human body. The liver has to process everything we eat and drink over an entire lifetime. Milk thistle fruit supports the liver with its natural silymarin content. A poor diet (not enough fibre, too much animal fat), environmental toxins, medications or alcohol consumption can all inhibit the correct functioning of the liver and the gall bladder. For this reason, it is important to assist these organs and thus counteracting the consequences of the many different stressors to which they are exposed every day.

HÜBNER MILK THISTLE LIVER TONIC assists healthy liver function and therefore helps the digestive process.

Milk thistle

The milk thistle Silybum marianum comes from the Middle East and the Mediterranean region and was used as a medicine in the form of tinctures already in the past. The generic name silymarin refers to all the active substances which milk thistle contains. Silymarin is a substance which is known to support liver function.

The fruit sugar (fructose) contained in this preparation is utilised quickly by the liver and serves as a natural supply of energy. The product base of sea buckthorn berries produces a palatable medicine with a natural origin. The naturally active substance in milk thistle supports the healthy digestive function of the liver and gall bladder, thus counteracting the numerous stressors to which the body is exposed.

Product data

Take 1 dosing measure (15 ml) twice a day before meals. Do not store at temperatures above 25ºC. After opening, keep cool at 2°- 8°C (store in the fridge) and use within 4 weeks. Shake well before use. Always keep medicines away from children. Contains fructose and sorbitol

HÜBNER MILK THISTLE LIVER TONIC 0.396 g/ 15 ml Active substance: Milk thistle fruit thick extract. Indication: Traditional herbal medicinal product to support digestive function in adults. The medicinal product is a traditional medicinal product registered exclusively on the basis of long-standing use for the indication. Warnings: If symptoms persist for more than 2 weeks, worsen, recur regularly, there is any unexplained discomfort or jaundice or discolouration of the urine or stools occurs, a doctor should be consulted. Contains fructose and sorbitol. For risks and side effects, read the package leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist. Information as of 09/20. Anton Hübner GmbH & Co. KG, 79238 Ehrenkirchen.