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Eye Balsam plus

Intensive care for demanding skin around the eyes: Valuable and effective ingredients such as plant extracts, aloe vera gel and hyaluronic acid make the eye area look fresher, smoother and firmer.

  • firming effect on bags and crow's feet
  • reduces puffiness and bags under the eyes
  • vegan and suitable for contact lens wearers
  • ophthalmologically and dermatologically tested and well tolerated
Hübner Augenbalsam plus

Nature-based eye care for healthy eyes

Tired, dry and swollen eyes occur more often with stress, long screen work and frequent temperature changes. A specially developed and tested eye care soothes dark circles, reduces puffiness and gently moisturises the skin around the eyes.


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Eye Balsam plus

Eye Balsam plus

Dry Eve

Dry Eye Liposomal Eye Spray


Vegetable lipids for dry eyes

More than ten million people in Germany suffer from burning, itching or a sense of having a foreign substance in the eye – symptoms of the so-called "dry eye". The causes in particular include working on the computer, air-conditioned rooms, dry heated air in the winter, pollution or certain medications. Dry eye is very unpleasant: it feels as if little grains of sand are scratching the cornea under the eyelids, and the eyes become red, itchy and burning. In many cases, the eyelids are inflamed, the eyelid skin is dry and flaky. Dry eye is the most common eye disease.


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