Eye Balsam plus

  • firming effect on bags and crow's feet
  • contains valuable plant extracts
  • cosmetic
  • Opthamologically and dermatologically tested
  • vegan
Product features

A special beauty treatment for dark circles & crow’s feet

Visibly reduces the depth of crow’s feet

The effects of EYE BALSAM plus have been scientifically proven:

  • 75% of users noticed a positive effect
  • on average, wrinkle depth was reduced by 30%

Contains plant extracts & hyaluronic acid

EYE BALSAM plus is an intensive treatment with a threefold effect to:

  • tighten the eye area
  • reduce puffiness
  • smooth out crow's feet

Cooling Aloe vera gel moisturises, whilst the macadamia nut oil in the product is extremely beneficial for dry skin. Plant extracts from horsetail and birch leaves also support the skin’s elasticity and have a tightening and soothing effect on the highly sensitive skin under the eyes. The addition of hyaluronic acid helps to boost the action of the plant extracts.

Product data

Apply a thin layer to the skin around the eye in the morning and evening. Gently tap the product into the skin using the fingertips. Please leave some space around the eye when applying the cream. Avoid direct contact with the eyes.