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Strengthening blood vessels and cardiovascular system

Our heart works tirelessly: it pumps six litres of blood per minute through our veins. Hübner Vital products help to support the cardiovascular system – for example, with purely plant-based products for stimulating the blood flow and other products that support the blood circulation.


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Vitamin K2 Drops

Hübner Gefäß Aktiv®

Venenkraft® Horse Chestnut Gel

Hübner Iron VITAL® Liquid DIRECT Kid

Hübner Iron VITAL® Chewable tablets

Hübner Iron VITAL® Liquid

Hawthorn Heart Circulation Tonic

Hübner Iron VITAL® Liquid Direct



The trace element iron is needed for a multitude of metabolic processes, in particular those of energy metabolism. Mainly, our body needs iron for blood formation, because as a building block of the pigment of the red blood cells, it helps to appease the cells' and organs' hunger for oxygen.



Hübner Eisen Vital

Product recommendation

Hübner Iron VITAL® Liquid

Food supplement with iron and vitamin C to support blood formation and energy metabolism.

  • for people with increased iron requirements
  • simple intake
  • suitable for children
  • fruity taste
Hübner Eisen VITAL® Liquid 250ml