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Iron in the metabolism


The trace element iron is needed for a variety of metabolic processes, in particular those of energy metabolism. In particular, our body needs iron for forming blood, because as a building material for the pigmentation of red blood cells it helps to satisfy the oxygen requirement of the cells and organs.

In addition, iron is part of the muscle pigment, which is essential for transporting oxygen in the muscles. Iron deficiencies lead to a lack of oxygen in the muscle cells and loss of performance. The immune system also cannot run smoothly without iron. Iron is also necessary for concentration, as a component of enzymes that are required for producing messengers in the brain. Therefore, vitality and healthy sleep depend on the supply of iron.

Product recommendation

Hübner Iron VITAL® Liquid

Food supplement with iron and vitamin C to support blood formation and energy metabolism.

  • people with increased needs
  • simple intake
  • suitable for children
  • fruity taste
Hübner Eisen VITAL® Liquid 250ml