Quality standards

Highest standards secure our quality

Our concern for your health means that the highest demands placed on our products are only just good enough for us.

Our experience, gained over more than seven decades of company history, supplemented by modern scientific know-how, is the medium for our success.

A team of highly-qualified pharmacists, biologists and food technicians, each with a strong sense of responsibility, are constantly working to ensure that our products comply with this most demanding Hübner philosophy.


The products combine a high level of quality, effectiveness and compatibility.

We manufacture according to the specifications laid down in the valid EU-GMP regulations (Good Manufacturing Practice) for pharmaceuticals as well as HACCP and also fulfil our self-imposed high quality criteria. Their uncompromising concepts are orientated on a multitude of ISO, organic farming and other quality certifications.

  • manufacturing permit for pharmaceuticals / GMP
  • ISO 13485 Quality management system for medical devices
  • manufacturing permit for dietary food
  • wholesale permit for pharmaceuticals
  • organic certification for component product groups
  • certified as kosher for component product groups
  • FDA certified and approved for food supplements
Hübner Zertifikate

HÜBNER quality standard – for subsequent generations

Raw materials

  • manufactured from high-quality natural raw materials
  • primarily from ecological cultivation or gathered as wild-growing plants
  • no genetic engineering


  • handled gently to preserve each material's properties
  • no chemical-synthetic additives
  • no exposure to radioactivity

Product safety

  • quality guidelines for every product group
  • residues lie far below the legal standards
  • checks are made on materials and processes
  • consistent traceability of all materials used
  • low in preservatives
  • no risk of allergies due to cross contamination


  • no animal testing
  • gentle processing for preservation of the natural ingredients
  • packaging: as little as possible, as much as necessary