Beauty from within

  • Healthy skin, shiny hair, strong nails and connective tissue

  • Pure silicic acid with biotin and trace elements

  • Made in Germany quality

Full energy in every phase of life

  • Hübner Iron VITAL®  Liquid DIRECT

  • Iron contributes to normal formation of red blood cells and haemoglobin

  • Iron has a role in the process of cell division

  • Convenient sachets for on the go

Herbal power from the Black Forest for 100 years

  • Soothing for pharynx, throat and the respiratory tract

  • Herbal preparation for the normal function of the immune system


Health products from the Black Forest

What could be a more fitting location for the production of natural healthcare products than in the Black Forest? The HÜBNER headquarters are situated in Ehrenkirchen near Freiburg (in Breisgau) at the edge of the Southern Black Forest natural preserve, surrounded by vineyards.


Natural help for allergies

Proven to give thicker hair


Products of the TOP brand Hübner Original silicea®

The natural trace element is an indispensable component of every cell in the body and is responsible for cell structure and growth - and thus also for firm skin, strong hair, strong nails and healthy connective tissue.


Hübner Original silicea® Balsam

Silicon gel for skin, hair and fingernails


Hübner Original silicea® Gel Capsules

Pure silicic acid with biotin and trace elements



Hübner Original silicea® Gastro-Int. DIRECT

For acute and chronic gastrointestinal complaints


Hübner Original silicea® DIRECT redberries

Food supplement for skin, hair and fingernails


Naturalness is beautiful

Tips & Trends

Aloe Vera- Unusual diversity of a plant

Our products

Tradition & innovation since 1936

HÜBNER works with traditional formulations and their tried-and-tested active ingredients as well as according to the latest scientific findings.



The Hübner range comprises around 110 products (Delivery only within Germany)

HÜBNER offers a wide range of products in various application areas and brand product lines. Whether for oneself or the whole family, there is something to suit everybody!



Beautiful skin, hair & nails for 365 days a year!

Having the all-rounder for skin, hair and nails in your home by using the Hübner Original silicea® product series. Our Silicea food supplements as a cure for beauty from within or Silicea products for external hair and skin care.



Years of innovation and tradition from the Black Forest

At HÜBNER, traditional formulations with tried-and-tested active ingredients meet the latest scientific findings. HÜBNER offers modern solutions to strengthen the health and well-being of the whole family.