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Dental care with natural ingredients


Dental care with natural ingredients for healthy oral flora

Dental care with natural ingredients, such as toothpaste with black cumin oil, is an important part of keeping teeth healthy. Dental care products without peppermint oil and menthol are ideal for individuals taking homeopathic treatments, while toothpaste with sage has an anti-inflammatory effect.


7 products of Dental care

Hübner Original Silicea® Gastro-Intestinal Gel

Hübner Original Silicea® Gastro-Intestinal Direct

Ginger Candies

Curcuma Drops

Ginger Drops

Hübner milk thistle liver tonic

Hübner milk thistle Dragées


Sage leaves

Irritation in the throat – sage leaves can help



Hübner Salbei

Product recommendation

Sage Toothpaste

Medicinal sage toothpaste with bacteria-inhibiting active ingredients of the sage plant and essential oils of clove and fennel.

  • for regular dental care
  • without added fluoride, peppermint oil and menthol
  • free from preservatives and foaming agents
  • vegan


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