Sage Toothpaste

Sage Toothpaste

Sage from the Salvia officinalis genus is prized as a healing plant, mainly due to its valuable essential oil which has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

  • with the bacteriostatic active ingredients of the sage plant
  • medical toothpaste
  • ideal for tea and coffee drinkers
  • cosmetic • Vegan
Product features

The efficacy of sage oil, which has long been used in alternative medicine, can for the most part be attributed to its active substances of eucalyptol, camphor, thujone and miscellaneous flavonoids.

This medical SAGE TOOTHPASTE contains essential sage oil. In addition to sage oil, SAGE TOOTHPASTE contains the essential oils of cloves and fennel, which keep the breath fresh and reliably combat mouth odours.

SAGE TOOTHPASTE contains a deep cleaning agent consisting of silicic acid and dicalcium phosphate, which is similar to the structure of enamel. Brushing the teeth regularly with SAGE TOOTH PASTE will clean the teeth deeply, refresh the mouth and will help to prevent bacterial growth, paradontosis and dental caries.