Hübner Schwarzkümmel-Öl

Black cumin seed oil

Black cumin seed oil

The gold of the Egyptians

Black cumin has been a precious spice and a valued remedy at all times and everywhere on earth. Whether in ancient Greece, among the Romans, in European herbal books of the Middle Ages or in ancient Egypt –there are references to the health-promoting powers of this plant everywhere.

In the Arab world, black cumin is used as a medicine, as a cosmetic and as a delicious, healthy spice for refining meals. But even in Germany, black cumin is very popular because of its taste. It is not only used as a tonic, but also is a remedy for troubles that affect many people: allergies.

Product recommendation

Black Cumin Oil


Genuine black cumin seed oil and valuable vitamins packed in a high-quality dietary supplement: black cumin oil in capsules is obtained from 100% pure Egyptian seeds.

  • vitamins for a strong immune system
  • with six valuable vitamins and polyunsaturated fatty
  • suitable for the whole family
  • free from gluten and lactose
Hübner Schwarzkümmel-Öl Kapseln 30St