Tannenblut® Bronchial Syrup

Tannenblut® Bronchial Syrup

Package size
250 ml 500 ml

  • to support expectoration in the respiratory tract, throat and bronchi
  • fosters the self-purification of the respiratory tract
  • in Germany traditional medicine (food supplement abroad)
  • vegan, free from gluten and lactose
Product features

Protect your health during the cold and flu season

TANNENBLUT® BRONCHIAL SYRUP is the tried and tested aid for improving health, especially for the respiratory organs. The bronchial syrup helps to loosen mucous in the pharynx, throat and the bronchia, assists the natural self-cleansing process of the respiratory system and can therefore prevent irritation of the airways.

A traditional remedy for the throat, chest and bronchi

For over 85 years, TANNENBLUT® from the Black Forest has been used successfully as supporting expectorant for the built-up mucous in the airways. This tasty syrup, made from the essential oils extracted from the young sprouts of conifers and extracts of selected herbs, soothes irritation in the throat, pharynx and bronchia by helping to loosen the built-up mucous. Every single active plant substance is a top specialist in its own field.

With the original natural power of herbs

TANNENBLUT® BRONCHIAL SYRUP is made of nourishing herbs and contains a mixture of active substances with the original natural power of selected plant species. These include the sprouts of conifers and herbs such as sage and peppermint leaf, thyme, aniseed and fennel, primrose root and ribwort plantain. These pure plant substances are processed together with forest honey and candied sugar into a pleasantly flavoured syrup which has valuable benefits for young and old alike.

Product data

Adults and adolescents, 1 dosing measure (15 ml) of bronchial syrup 3 times a day. TANNENBLUT® BRONCHIAL SYRUP can be taken undiluted or diluted.

TANNENBLUT® BRONCHIAL SYRUP Active substance: extract of a mixture of conifer sprouts, sage leaves, peppermint leaves, thyme, fennel, anise, primrose roots, ribwort plantain herb. Indications: Traditionally used to support the loosening of mucus in the respiratory tract. This information is based exclusively on tradition and many years of experience. Consult a doctor in case of fever, shortness of breath, purulent or bloody sputum and if symptoms persist for more than 5 days or are unclear. Warnings: Contains a mixture of glucose, fructose and sucrose. For risks and side effects, read the package leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist. Information as of 12/2016. Hübner Naturarzneimittel GmbH, 79238 Ehrenkirchen This information refers to the traditional medicine „Tannenblut®“ in Germany.