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Donath® ORGANIC unsweetend Pomegranate Whole Fruit

Donath® Sea Buckthorn Whole Fruit with Blossom Honey

Donath® ORGANIC Unsweetened Blueberry Whole Fruit

Donath® Sea Buckthorn Whole Fruit with Acerola

Donath® Spicy Puch Fruit

Donath® ORGANIC Unsweetened Sea Buckthorn Whole Fruit

Donath® Unsweetened Mango Whole Fruit

Donath® ORGANIC Cranberry Whole Fruit

Donath® ORGANIC Sea Buckthorn Whole Fruit with Cane Sugar


All the health benefits of whole fruit

By enjoying Donath’s whole fruit juice specialities, you are making a valuable contribution to a health-conscious diet.

In our whole fruit manufacturing process, we finely blend together all parts of the fruit suitable for consumption such as the pulp, the juice, seeds, pips and the peel of carefully selected fruits. The gentle and holistic manufacturing process retains and preserves all the naturally occurring fruit fibre [cellulose and pectin], natural vitamins, minerals as well as essential fatty acids and important bio-active phytochemicals.

Donath® was founded back in 1893 by Emil Donath in Laubegast near Dresden. Using the pasteurisation process, Emil Donath was able to produce and market the first non-alcoholic apple juice. As this juice was highly beneficial in terms of health, Donath® was sold by health food stores from the very beginning and has now been available for more than 100 years. The Donath® brand, and thus its entire fruit product range, has been owned by HÜBNER since 2012.

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Manufacturing process Donath® whole fruit


Carefully selected raw ingredients:

Carefully selected raw ingredients such as Canadian cranberries are flash frozen immediately after picking and then processed under deep freeze conditions.

Two-step quality control:

Handpicked cranberries are sorted again before the blending process.

Gentle processing:

The fruits are blended ground in a stone mill in a two-step process.

Gentle packaging:

Immediately after blending, the whole fruit is filled into bottles whilst still warm and then pasteurised to retain its nutrients.

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