Aloe Vera Gel

Package size
50 ml 100 ml

  • corresponds to 98% Aloe vera leaf gel
  • moisturiser
  • cosmetic
  • vegan
Product features


Aloe vera represents natural beauty and freshness. Unlike any other plant, Aloe vera is able to store extremely high levels of moisture. Thanks to its hydrating properties, Aloe vera is a real source of refreshment.

The Aloe vera plant combines a large number of substances which have a highly beneficial effect on appearance of your skin. The Aloe vera gel extracted from the leaf of the Aloe vera plant is a highly effective moisturising agent which is completely free from oils, fats and emulsifiers – and is therefore a refreshing and hydrating care for your skin. Discover the perfect skin care treatment, which also delivers adequate moisture, provides gentle protection and leaves even fatigued and reddened skin silky soft, giving you a youthful, fresh, radiant complexion. ALOE VERA GEL improves the skin’s function – even after sunbathing and when the skin has been exposed to dry air or wind. The gel is also ideal as a makeup base.

Active ingredients

ALOE VERA GEL contains Aloe vera concentrate (equal to 98% Aloe vera leaf gel) and a special hydration factor. Panthenol helps to stimulate cell regeneration. Bisabolol, a well-known active substance in chamomile, soothes the skin.

Product data

Apply a thin layer of ALOE VERA GEL to the skin after cleansing or washing. The active substances will be absorbed faster by the skin if the gel is rubbed in gently. If your skin tends to be dry, then we recommend that you also use the ALOE VERA DAY CREAM.