Hübner Biotin Unterversorgung

Biotin- Insufficiency

The beauty vitamin for hair and nails


Brittle nails, brittle hair and sallow skin are often an indication of biotin deficiency. The "beauty vitamin" biotin from the group of B vitamins is essential for forming keratin, the main component of healthy nail and hair cells, and thus of strong nails and shiny and strong hair.

Split-ended, brittle or dry hair and splintering nails often are the result of an unbalanced diet, dieting, stress or unfavourable external factors, as well as dry air in heated rooms or excessively frequent blow-drying the hair. An adequate intake of biotin is important for treating deficiencies as well as maintaining healthy hair and nails. Biotin literally acts "at the root", because the vitamin stimulates the nail and hair roots to form keratin.

Keratin, in turn, is the structure-building protein of hair and nails, without which healthy hair and nail growth is impossible. Biotin deficiency not only affects the quality of the hair, but is also involved in hair growth.

We recommend a volume of 2.5 milligrammes of biotin per day. Since biotin is one of the water-soluble vitamins, it cannot be stored in the body, but must be taken regularly. For that reason, overdosing is impossible.

Due to the slow growth of hair and nails – nails grow about three to four millimetres a month, hair on average ten millimetres – the effect of biotin will become apparent only after some time: The nails will become firmer and no longer flaking, the hair becomes shiny and stronger and healthy-looking.