Soothing and healing with the aid of silicon

Sunburn, insect bites and minor wounds

The mineral silicon in the form of silicic acid gel is an all-rounder, which has a purely mineral action, contains no preservatives and has no side effects. Precisely during the summer holiday time, it is a real "skin" pharmacy for healing and curing sunburn, abrasions, minor injuries, insect bites and other skin irritations – with no added preservatives, in a natural way.

Silicic acid gel consists of the mineral silicon, oxygen and water – nothing else. The colourless and odourless gel is completely easy and simple to use, and, after drying on the skin, only leaves a salt-like mineral residue.

Around the summer holiday season minor accidents can easily happen during outdoor activities, in the pool or by the sea – especially to children. Despite all precautions taken, it is always easy to get sunburn or burns from the evening barbecue.

Silicid acid gel is a true all-rounder for first aid: It has a haemostatic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect on abrasions or lacerations, cooling, soothing and healing for sunburn and minor burns and reducing the irritation of insect bites. It soothes skin irritations and skin allergies – for example, after shaving or epilating the sensitive, feminine skin zones – it has a dehydrating and healing effect on so-called "Mallorca acne" and rashes, pimples and boils.