Hübner müde Beine

Tired legs

For heavy, tired legs in heat and on long recreational walks

The natural substances of chestnut - a boon for the veins

Fatigued and heavy legs are not only unpleasant, they are often a warning sign of poor blood circulation. Especially in the summer and travelling time, long trips to the holiday resort can easily lead to "trapped heat" in the legs. A treat for fatigued legs are the natural products of the horse chestnut. As gel for the legs, horse chestnut acts rapidly to cool and produce an activating effect on the tissue – the swelling and the unpleasant trapped heat subside.

One in four Germans is affected by vein disorders, women four times more often than men. Among those over 70 years old, 70 percent suffer from vein problems. Sitting for long periods, for instance in the car, train or plane on the way to the holidays is an additional strain on the circulation. If the body is then also exposed to heat, congestion can often occur due to poor circulation in the legs, because the blood has to rise through them fighting the force gravity on the way back up to the heart. The circulation falters, the pressure on the vein walls increases, they expand and the legs become thick and heavy. In gel or balm form, the extract of horse chestnut has an externally stimulating effect on blood circulation and thus rapidly eliminates fatigue and heaviness in the legs. Soon after rubbing it on, a pleasant feeling of freshness is noticeable.

Lack of exercise is the most common cause of inadequate blood flow to the legs. Certain stages of life – such as pregnancy and menopause – can exacerbate vein insufficiency. Those most affected are the elderly, since the elasticity of vein walls decreases and cardiac performance declines. The horse chestnut can be a boon for the veins in such situations.