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Calendula is a herbaceous plant with yellow blossoms. Its precise origin is unknown, but is suspected to be in the Mediterranean area. Marigold extract increases the skin's ability to renew, has an anti-inflammatory and nurturing effect and improves the skin's moisture.

Special creams use the skin-protecting properties of the active ingredients from the Calendula in conjunction with a natural repair complex, which can slow the photoaging process and prevent damage to the skin cells. In a cream base, consisting of vegetable fats and oils, assisting the skin care and promoting the penetration of the active ingredients, calendula extracts support the skin function.

Product recommendation

Calendula Cream

Cell-active skin care: Cosmetic calendula cream with vegetable fats and oils and a natural repair complex.

  • for face and body
  • with calendula extract
  • promotes cell renewal of the skin
  • with natural fragrances
  • without light protection filters
Hübner Ringelblumen Creme