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Iron Deficiency

Iron deficiency


Enjoy vitality, exude energy

Do you feel listless? Are you often tired or unfocused? Do you sometimes suffer from a lack of appetite? These can all be indicators of an iron deficiency. Iron deficiencies are one of the most common nutritional disorders of all. It is childishly simple to recharge your batteries every day, and thus to enjoy well-being and vitality in every moment of your life. You can avoid a deficit through a targeted supplement of the diet with this essential trace element. The trace element iron is needed for a variety of metabolic processes, in particular those of energy metabolism. Most of all, our body needs iron for forming blood, because as a building material of the pigmentation of red blood cells it helps to satisfy the oxygen needs of the cells and organs.

In addition, iron is part of the muscle pigment, which is essential for transporting oxygen in the muscles. Iron deficiencies lead to a lack of oxygen in the muscle cells and loss of performance. The immune system also cannot run smoothly without iron. Iron is also necessary for concentration, as a component of enzymes that are required for producing messengers in the brain. Therefore, vitality and healthy sleep depend on the supply of iron.

Because iron is lost every day through the intestine, kidneys and skin and in women also with blood loss during menstruation, and because an increasing need during pregnancy and nursing period, it is necessary to regularly add a balanced dose of iron. This also applies to children, older people, sports enthusiasts and people whose nutritional intake is unbalanced due to diets or vegetarian or vegan food.

It will become apparent very soon, if the body does not receive enough iron. Even a slight deficiency can have a visible impact, with, for example, brittle hair, brittle nails, dry skin and rhagades in the corners of the mouth. If the iron stores in the body are emptied, the formation of blood and thus the oxygen supply to the cells and organs will be affected. This can result in pale skin, impaired physical performance, reduced concentration and fatigue.