Aloe Vera Hand cleanser

Aloe Vera Hand cleanser

  • quick and effective cleansing
  • contains 64% plant-based alcohol
  • gentle on the skin
  • composition free from microplastic, vegan
  • practical pocket size for on the go
Product features

Range of active substances

The hygienic hand cleansing spray cleans and cares for the hands in any everyday situation without soap and water and is an ideal companion for on the go. The selected ingredients of high-quality organic alcohol, organic aloe vera and organic rosemary provide intensive care for the hands with an antimicrobial effect and fresh, natural scent. It provides a pleasant feeling of care on the skin without leaving residues.

Aloe Vera regenerates the skin cells and provides moisture and gentle care. Like no other plant, aloe vera is able to store moisture particularly intense.

Rosemary stimulates the blood circulation and has a slightly antibacterial effect in a vegetable way.

Product data

Spray hands several times a day and rub in until the cleanser has been absorbed. Do not spray into the eyes. Do not inhale the spray.

Caution: highly flammable. Do not store above 25 °C and protect from frost. Not suitable for children.