arthoro frio

  • cooling treatment for skin and muscles
  • with incense extract
  • soothing, cooling care and relaxation for the skin and muscles
  • cosmetic
Product features

arthoro – healthy joints are not pure chance

Only healthy joints, receiving an adequate supply of nutrients and not taxed by incorrect or excessive strain, will remain mobile into old age. Apart from moderate exercise, a regular supply of key nutrients is a prerequisite for healthy locomotor system functioning. The joint care products offered by HÜBNER contain all these vital substances and may be taken alone or in combination according to the specific requirements of the individual. From nutritional support to dietary management of the most diverse joint problems, the wide range of products offers a solution to all age groups.

Tradition from the Black Forest – a saviour for joint health

For over 80 years, HÜBNER has enjoyed an excellent reputation as a company offering first class health products. Its natural products combine tradition and modernity. They contain tried and tested substances which are put together using the latest scientific knowledge. The main focus at HÜBNER has always been top quality products for healthy joints. Carefully selected ingredients, specially chosen to meet varied individual needs, can help to support joint function.

arthoro frio

The Indian frankincense used in arthoro frio is extracted as a natural resin from tropical trees. The “frankincense trees” secrete aromatic resins from secretion ducts in their bark. The intense, natural odour of frankincense provides stimulation via the airways and the skin, making the cooling balsam a high quality skin care product. Thanks to the special combination of active ingredients, the cooling balsam nourishes and relaxes the skin in cases of muscular tension, e.g. in the neck and back regions, and in the joints. arthoro frio also provides relief to stressed or strained hands, knees and shoulders.

Product data

Apply arthoro frio to the skin and massage in gently. The balsam can be used several times a day as required. Do not apply to the eyes, to damaged skin or the mucous membranes. Contains eucalyptol, camphor and menthol and thus is not suitable for children under the age of 7 years.