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Gastrointestinal complaints


Binding of pathogens in gastrointestinal complaints

Any gastrointestinal disorder, whether based on spoiled or unusual food or on psychological causes, disturbs the healthy environment in the stomach and intestines. The gastrointestinal tract is under siege by pathogens and their toxins, and the intestine responds with defensive reactions. This causes abdominal and stomach pain, nausea, diarrhoea or bloating and vomiting. Silicic acid gel can help with gastrointestinal diseases in a natural way. The active ingredient silicic acid gel binds the pathogens and their toxins to itself like a sponge, promotes their natural removal and relieves the symptoms in the stomach and intestine.

Gastrointestinal disorders are increasingly developing into an epidemic. They are usually not a serious disease, but the symptoms often give us considerable discomfort. Abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, bloating and diarrhoea are torturing us physically or mentally. Most people, however, do not go to the doctor, but try to cure themselves. With a gastrointestinal silicic acid gel you can treat the symptoms naturally. The active ingredient silicic acid gel binds the pathogens and their toxins in the digestive tract and supports their natural elimination. Silicic acid gel is the compound of the mineral silicon with oxygen (SiO2) and water. The gel in this compound is supplied in ultrafine (colloidal) form, the special feature of which is its exceptionally high binding capacity. One single gram of silicic acid gel can bind to 300 square meters of other substances, i.e. 300 times its own weight! No other substance can do that.

An important feature of the active mineral substance of silicic acid gel is that it is used in the very finely dispersed form of a gel, since in this form it has the highest binding capacity. Silicic acid does not influence the metabolism which is frequently already afflicted in the case of diseases of the digestive tract and is very well tolerated and highly suitable for children.

Studies have shown that viruses, bacteria and toxins bind virtually 100% with silica gel. Clinical studies have also verified that once bound to silicic acid gel the substances are excreted unchanged. Gastrointestinal disorders are treated in a natural way and their painful symptoms are soothingly relieved.