Hübner Anis und Fenchel

A powerful duo

Anise and fennel

A powerful duo

The anise plant is a herbaceous plant, and grows to a height of about 10 to 60 cm. It is used as a herb as well as a medicinal plant.

Fennel is a spicy-scented herb, which can grow to a height of 200 cm. Fennel is also used as a spice, vegetable and medicinal plant.

Anise and fennel are rich in essential oils. They help with coughs, dissolve the mucus and make expectorating and breathing easier.


Product recommendation


Bronchial Syrup

Traditional medicine for the cold season: expectorant bronchial syrup as a drinking juice with proven herbal preparation since 1922.

  • traditional product for throat, pharynx and bronchi
  • to counter irritations of the respiratory tract
  • supports the natural self-cleansing of the respiratory organs
  • free from alcohol, lactose, gluten and made in Germany
Hübner Tannenblut® Bronchial Sirup 250ml